The Professional Photographers of East Tennessee

PPETN is East Tennessee’s official association of professional photographers and the local affiliate for the Professional Photographers of America. PPETN exists primarily to provide support, education, and recognition for professional photographers and advance the profession of photography in East Tennessee.

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Official PPETN Sponsors

Official Sponsors allow for PPETN to provide greater access to quality educational opportunities for East Tennessee-area professional photographers and reward local pro photographers who are making the effort to advance their skills, talents, and techniques.

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Benefits of Membership


PPETN provides members opportunities to advance their photography education through seminars, workshops, senior members, and organization resources.


PPETN regularly organizes events to benefit pro photographers, including seminars, workshops, safaris, socials, and more.


Most PPETN events feature a print competition, and the annual image competition provides members an opportunity to compete and win awards.


PPETN supports the development of member portfolios through workshops, safaris, senior member mentoring, and our competitions.


All PPETN competition winners receive publicity through the publication and linking of images through our website, and safari images are often published as well.


PPETN encourages members to support each other and develop professional relationships with each other, which often spark personal relationships too.


PPETN’s Professional Photographer Directory provides additional exposure to members, and membership enhances credibility and publicity opportunities.


Each year, PPETN awards a scholarship to a deserving member so they may pursue additional photography education to separate themselves from their competition.