PPETN By-Laws Update

We’ve updated the PPETN by-laws. Please download the PPETN By-Laws and review them. We will be voting on them at the February meeting.

There are two changes made to the by-laws:

  • The Michael Laughlin scholarship winner will be voted on by the board. If a board member submit an application for the scholarship, they cannot vote for themselves.
  • We are adding in pro-rated fees for new members (by quarter). If we have someone who wants to join later in the year, they can pay dues of $20 per remaining quarter (so, if they join in May, they would pay $60 for the remaining year, August would pay $40…). Full dues would be required for all following years.

The scholarship change is due to Mrs. Laughlin’s health. This will allow us to continue to award the scholarship on a timely basis. We hope that by pro-rating the membership fees, we may be able to welcome more new members throughout the year..

The new by-laws won’t go into affect until the member vote on the changes. We will be voting on February 11th before the Salon competition.