PPETN By-laws Meeting

The PPETN board will be holding a by-laws meeting on Thursday, April 17, starting at 4:00pm. We will be meeting at the Mandarin House Restaraunt off of Merchants Drive.

This meeting is to continue work on updating our by-laws for this year. Most sections have been updated. This meeting is to finalize changes which will be submitted to all members for review. All PPETN members are welcome to attend. All PPETN board members should attend.

Once the by-laws have been updated, a PDF copy will be posted in our community forum for all members to review. A vote to approve the by-laws will be held at the May monthly meeting. A copy of the by-laws will be available at the May meetting for review as well.

The by-laws meeting is being held just before our regular monthly meeting. Please feel free to attend the 4:00pm by-laws meeting, as well as our regular monthly meeting starting immediately afterwards. If you do not wish to attend the by-laws meeting, our regluar meeting starts at 6:00pm.