Upcoming meeting and lots of great things have been happening!

Meetings are held at  on the 1st Thursday after the 2nd Monday each month. 6:00 P.M. gathering, fellowship & dinner. 8×10 print competition starts at 6:30 P.M. Programs 7:00 – 9:00 P.M.  (must be a member to participate in print competition)

Visitors welcome!  October meeting will be held at the Golden Corral 6612 Clinton Highway, Knoxville, TN 37912

October 13th’s meeting’s speaker is Rick Massarini. Here are the details:

Light is Light 

Light.  Light is the brush that the photographic artist uses to paint his images.  Above all, the effective utilization of light is the essential aspect of our profession.  Unfortunately, many photographers fall into a rut and tend to use the same lighting technique on every subject they photograph.  Rick will attempt to break you out of your rut.  The choice of light modifiers is the same as the artist’s choice of brushes, and will dictate the final “look” of the image created. Just as an artist uses different brushes for different visual effects, we must do the same, the only difference is that light is our paint, and we must know which brush to use for which effect.   Spend an evening taking a serious look at the brushes that we have at our disposal – a look at light and its characteristics, light modifiers, what we use, why we use them, the reasoning behind deciding which to use, and how to get the most out of whatever we choose to use.  The thought process behind deciding which modifier to use is integral to obtaining the final desired result.  Just as the artist does not always use conventional brushes to create a piece of art, the use of inexpensive improvised lighting options will also be discussed.  The basics of portrait lighting will be covered including a look at optimizing exposure and maximizing range, effective posing, corrective posing, lighting patterns and techniques, and the use of your light and light modifiers to optimize the image you produce for your client.  The use of Umbrellas, Light Boxes, Diffusion panels, parabolic reflectors and improvised lighting modifiers will be discussed.  Rick will also show you the most convenient to use studio reflector that you will ever see, and will show you how to build one of your own.   If time allows, Rick will also present a short program on Print Competition and the twelve elements that are involved in creating a successful image.



Rick Massarini has been a professional photographer for 33 years, and operates a studio located in the New Orleans area.  He has received the Master of Photography degree from the Professional Photographers of America, has had images selected for the PPA Loan Collection and the PPA Showcase Album, and has been awarded the PPA Photographer of the Year Award.   Rick is a Fellow of the Professional Photographers of Louisiana, and is the Association’s Immediate Past President.  Rick is the Southwest District Representative for the American Society of Photographers (ASP), and the 2006 recipient of the PPA Director’s Award from the PPA Board of Directors.  Rick is an active volunteer on the local, regional and national level, and is the current PPLA print committee coordinator, he is a long time member of the SWPPA print committee and has worked at the PPA International Judging every year for the last 17 years (since 1994).  Rick is also a PPA-PEC Juror-in-training having attended the PPA Affiliate Juror’s workshop and is currently working on becoming an approved affiliate juror.