Nov. 15th – "Create a Market Planning Calendar" by Stacey Friedlein

Be About the Business of $uccess!

 Creating a Market Planning Calendar

 by Stacey Friedlein

Developing a well thought out plan can make the difference between failure and success in developing your marketing. A planning calendar can help you manage your business’s advertising and promotions. Giving you a detailed timeline of tasks related to achieving marketing productivity. This program will cover:

  • Annual Planning Getaway
  • Laying out a marketing calendar
  • Scheduling planning days
  • Developing successful promotions
  • Selecting the correct form of advertising
  • Creating leads from your current clients.
  • Evaluating the success of promotions.
Listeners should leave this program with a foundation to build a solid foundation to manage their marketing plan.
Click here for a handout from Stacey that has an outline of the talk with spaces for notes.

Stacey Friedlein has spent nearly thirty years in the photographic industry. He opened his first studio at age sixteen as a junior in high school. Since that time he operated and managed studios for fifteen years. From 1992 to May of 2007 he worked as a consultant working with studios through Customation Inc. and H&H Color Lab to help improve their business through marketing, improving sales skills and creating sound financial practices. Recently he opened In The Spirit Consulting and has expanded his consulting and teaching to photographers and small businesses outside of the industry.

Stacey’s book, Marketing Into the Next Millennium is designed to help studios conceptualize, formulate and schedule their marketing promotions. The manual contains five marketing modules. Topics covered are Senior’s, Weddings, Children, Families and a General module. Each module gives you an outline for marketing to that target group and specific marketing ideas and suggestions. This hands-on reference manual is a must for portrait studio owners and those responsible for planning a studio’s promotions.

Stacey has also produced the marketShare Marketing Calendar and Workbook. It is designed to give studios a step-by-step plan of action for establishing a schedule of promotions and an easy to use layout of their marketing plan. The workbook shows how to tie together the studios marketing and takes them step-by-step through the process of laying out a promotional calendar. Stacey’s method of market planning has been proven in his studio and by many of the studios that have attended his seminars. This is common sense marketing and is the foundation to Stacey’s seminars.

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Meeting Cost (excluding food):

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  • Non-Members: $20.00 (first visit is free)