July Meeting, Beyond and Back!


A question often heard from your clients is, “What backgrounds do you have?” The first part of this two part program will teach you how to channel your creative energy into custom backgrounds that express your own signature style!  You don’t have to be an artist to create beautiful backgrounds. Trisha will teach you all the tips and tricks to painting on canvas or muslin, plus some awesome ways to paint floors and walls.  Trisha’s portion of the program will take you “BEYOND” what you have thought was possible in your creative endeavors.

The second part of this program will take you “BACK” to the basics of what makes a good portrait. We LOVE Photoshop, but don’t love to use it to create the lighting, posing and photographic techniques that are required for classic portraiture. It is essential that we capture a superior image in the camera! Kristen will talk about how to consistently achieve beautiful portrait lighting and posing on individuals, couples and families. A solid understanding of the basics gives you the freedom to repeatedly create dynamic portraits that appeal to today’s client.

Their knowledge and expertise will make this a program that you will want to be sure to attend. And most of all, prepare to have fun!

Kristen and Trisha are sisters, and are 2nd generation photographers. Together, they successfully run the studio that their parents, Dale & Janice Holladay established over 37 years ago in a small, rural community in Southeastern Arizona.  These girls gained a love for photography at a young age, working in the studio and attending conventions with their parents.  Because of their expertise, they have each taught classes in photography and Photoshop at their local community college

Kristen took her first Senior Portrait at the age of 16.  Her father asked a Senior client if it would be okay for Kristen to take a few extra poses of him. The client agreed and, of course, his favorite pose was one that Kristen had taken!  She is extremely well versed in the use of Photoshop and digital photography. In her first 3 PPA print case entries, she earned 7 print merits with two prints going into the prestigious PPA Loan Collection.  She has received the Arizona APPLE award (equivalent to the PPA Master’s Degree) and also Arizona’s Artisan award (PPA’s Craftsmen Degree equivalent) and has received the Kodak Gallery Award and the Fuji Masterpiece Award.   She has served as President of Arizona PPA (the youngest person to do so), and is presently serving a 3 year term as PPA councilor for Arizona.

Trisha also began photographing in her teenage years.   In her first photographic print competition at the age of 19, she received a Fuji Masterpiece award in state competition and went on to receive a PPA print merit on a B/W photograph that she printed in the studio darkroom using Liquid Light and fabric.  Trisha is not only an excellent photographer, but also an accomplished artist. She has worked with oils but finds watercolor to be her greatest love and forte.  She has received numerous awards and recognitions in art shows.  Her natural artistic eye has proven invaluable in her ability to produce advertising materials and web layouts for the studio. For the last few years Trisha has used her artistic talent to paint custom backgrounds and amazing floors and walls in the studio and has developed her own successful techniques.


Please join us Thursday July 14th for the first half of our meeting while we are shown how to paint our own backgrounds! This part of the meeting will be held at Michael Broyles studio d106, 12748 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN 37934.  The second half will be at Mandarin house at 6pm for dinner and the print competition at 6:30 and program at 7! Be there!