Aug. 9th – Youth Photo Camp

Youth Photo Camp

Aug. 9th from 9am until 5:30pm

Ijams Nature Center

2915 Island Home Ave.; Knoxville, TN

Cost – $52

Camp includes all day “hands-on” instruction from award-winning professional photographers and a Certified Scout Merit Badge Instructor, lunch, photo nature walk at Ijams with print competition and awards and camp souvenir items!

There will be breaking into two groups ages 8 through 12 and 13 through 18.

What to Bring:

Campers need to bring any digital camera, nothing fancy-we will be out in the field on location, so parents if you are loaning them your camera, make sure you are aware they will be outdoors with it.  If your child does not have a digital camera, please let us know so we can have one provided.  Please make sure the camper’s camera has your name/identification with it in case it is lost.  Camera should have a blank memory card  with lots space for taking lots of photos, and bring an extra memory card if possible as a back up.  Sometimes memory cards can be faulty.  Make sure that they have uploaded all the images off of it. This is extrememly important!  We will be taking photos on the photowalk and during the animal program in order to enter your best image into our digital print competition later in the day.  So they will be taking ALOT of photos. If they have vacation photos or others, this will make the upload process for the print competition extrememly time consuming.  Also, please bring the battery charged, a battery charger and instruction manual, if available.  Lunch will be provided, but you may want to send some spending money for extra snacks, drinks, etc throughout the day.

Course Outline: 

We will be discussing several topics about photography.  Below are just a few of the categories.  Camps will be broken up into two age groups Youth Camp 8-12 years of age and Teen Camp ages 13-18.

  •  Know Your Camera and It’s Settings! Learn what all those buttons mean!
  • Photography 101-Get focused! Learn about exposure, shutter speeds, aperture.
  • Find the Light-How to use the available light to the fullest.  Flash or no flash?  Bounce Flash
  • Composition-Rule of thirds, using texture and pattern, and telling a story with your images!
  • 10 Tips for Taking Better Photos
  • How To Turn a Good Photo into a GREAT PHOTO!
  • How to Photograph ACTION shots-specail segment about Sports Photography! Great for anyone interested in working on the annual staff or school paper!
  • How to take beautiful Landscape photos.
  • How to take Great Photos of your Friends, Family and Pet Portraits!
  • Special Animal Segment!  You will have the opportunity to photograph one of the Ijams Animal Ambassadors and enter your image in the digital print competition with ribbons awarded!  Friends and Family can come and see your WORK OF ART at the end of the camp at our slideshow presentation and awards ceremony!
  • Special segment on Travel Photography! Take better vacation photos!
  • Get Creative-How to Turn Your Images into Works of ART!

A portion of the proceeds from the camp will be awarded to Ijams Nature Center to help in funding, educational programs and animal care.

For more information or questions, please contact Carla S. Hoskins, PPETN President, at or call (423) 566-5188.

To register there are three steps, 1. fill out the form below, 2. payment by selecting Buy Now, 3. printing out the Camp Registration form and bringing it with you.  If you have any challenges feel free to contact Carla (her information is in the above paragraph).

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Step 3 – Camp Registration Form
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