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Mar. 12 – Pro Photo Social + Competition: 2015 Annual Image Salon Photography Competition

  • When: Thursday, March 12, 2015 from 6:00-9:00pm (pizza dinner at venue)
  • Where: Farmer’s Mutual of Tennessee (837 Hall of Fame Drive, Knoxville, TN 37917 – click for directions)
  • What: Professional Photographers of East Tennessee Monthly Pro Photo Event & 2015 Annual Image Salon Photography Competition
  • Cost:
    • PPETN Members: Free to attend / Cost for submitting image cases—see below
    • Non-Members: $20.00 to attend / cannot submit images (first visit is free—apply here)

Basic Info

The March 2015 event for the Professional Photographers of East Tennessee (PPETN) will be Thursday, March 12 at Farmer’s Mutual of Tennessee in downtown Knoxville. Because this is a unique meeting, please arrive at 6:00pm for a pizza dinner (and bring cash in small bills for the cost of the dinner). The competition will begin as early as possible after 6:00pm to allow for thorough judging and feedback (when possible). The program will go until 9:00pm (or later if needed for comments and judging).

Pro Photographers’ Social + Networking Hour

In the interest of time, the Pro Photographers’ Social + Networking Hour will occur during the pizza dinner at the event venue.

Pro Photo Competition Program

2015 PPETN Annual Image Salon Photography Competition

It is time for PPETN’s annual photography competition! This is a fabulous opportunity for fine-tuning your photographic skills, a great marketing opportunity (if you win), and can also help your business’s credibility.  

PPETN will have at least three professional judges that usually are very open with suggestions and thoughts on the submissions.  You may also want to ask them further questions after the judging (if time permits). This year’s categories are:

  • ANIMALS (subcategories Pets and Wildlife)
  • PORTRAIT (subcategories Male, Female, and Child)
  • GROUPS (subcategories Couples and More than Two)
  • ILLUSTRATIVE (subcategories Abstract, Pictorial, and Photojournalism)
  • COMMERCIAL (subcategories Editorial, Industrial, and Architectural)
  • WEDDING (subcategories Bridal Portraits and Event)
  • ALBUM (subcategories Open and Wedding)

The details, rules, and submission forms for the Annual Image Salon Photography Competition can be viewed here

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  • Submissions must arrive no later than Monday, March 2nd at 5:00pm (There will be NO EXCEPTIONS!). Entry fees: 4 or less submissions for $75, 5 or 6 submissions for $100.
  • Early Bird submissions are discounted $25. Special pricing ends on Feb. 23, 2015.
  • After all submissions have been received and reviewed, the Jury Chairman may contact any maker to reclassify or discuss any image submitted to determine the proper category and that all images meet entry criteria.


  • Best in Show Overall – the highest scoring image of all entrants.
  • Best of Show –the highest scoring image receiving a minimum score of 80 in each category.
  • 1st Place –the highest scoring print receiving a minimum score of 80 in each subcategory exclusive of the Best of Show designation.
  • Distinguished – the second and third highest scoring prints receiving a minimum score of 78 in each subcategory.

Ties will be broken by judges.

Laughlin Print Photography Competition

The Laughlin Print Photography Competition will resume at the next PPETN event in April 2015.

PPETN Door Prizes

PPETN will be giving away MANY great door prizes at this meeting, thanks to the generosity of Simply Color Lab! All of the door prizes will expire in March, so PPETN will be giving away all of them at this meeting—don’t miss out by being absent!

PPETN tries to give away door prizes at our monthly events (last year, PPETN gave away hundreds of dollars worth of gear and equipment)—all you have to do is be present to win! Door prizes have been generously donated to PPETN by featured speakers, local and national photography labs, education companies, and equipment manufacturers.

As available, we will give one door prize out to the first-place entry in the Laughlin Print Photography Competition, and one will be given randomly to an Active, Studio, or Aspiring member in good standing AND in attendance. Repeat: You MUST be present to win a door prize!

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  1. Rocky's Photography
    Rocky's Photography says:

    I love our image salon! Even if you don’t enter any images you can learn so much by watching the judging and listening to them discuss the images. If you do enter you can ask the judges (or other members) for feedback on your images after the competition. I can’t wait!

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