Announcing the East Tennessee “Photographer of the Month” – November 2017

Professional Photographers of East Tennessee is proud to announce the Pro’s Choice East Tennessee “Photographer of the Month” for November 2017: Kathy Smith, CPP of Kathy Smith Photography, LLC in Townsend, Tennessee.

Congratulations to Smith and all the award-winning professional photographers for placing in this month’s Laughlin Print Photography Competition. The award and competition is presented by the Professional Photographers of East Tennessee (PPETN), East Tennessee’s official trade association of professional photographers and the local affiliate for the Professional Photographers of America.

This month’s award-winning images (on display in the gallery below) were selected by votes cast from East Tennessee’s top professional photographers:

Congratulations to all the winners!

Join us for next month’s Laughlin Print Photography Competition (learn how to submit here) and you could win Pro’s Choice East Tennessee “Photographer of the Month” and have your images published!

About the Laughlin Print Photography Competition

The Laughlin Print Photography Competitions allow PPETN ‘Active’, ‘Studio’, and ‘Aspiring’ members to compete against the best Knoxville-area professional photographers and earn the title of Pro’s Choice East Tennessee “Photographer of the Month” (1st Place), 2nd Place, or 3rd Place. In addition to being “Photographer of the Month,” first place finishers typically win a door prize as well.

How it Works / Funding A Photography Scholarship

Participants submit up to four prints for judging by the top professional photographers in East Tennessee (only ‘Active’ and ‘Studio’ members are eligible to vote on the submissions). This competition is held on a monthly basis (in a select few months, this competition is not held due to event circumstances), and the entry fee for each print goes to funding PPETN’s Laughlin Photography Scholarship.

Selecting Photographer of the Year

The Laughlin Print Photography Competition’s ultimate goal is to determine the best overall photographer of the year in East Tennessee, which requires a large body of consistently excellent work and the endorsement of that work by one’s professional peers. All award-winning images in our Laughlin Print Photography Competition are published in an annual gallery you can view here.

Points earned from the votes cast by professional photographers in each Laughlin Print Photography Competition are accumulated during the course of each year. The photographer who displays excellence in the art of photography with the most consistency (as determined by the largest point total at the end of the year) is awarded the prestigious Pro’s Choice East Tennessee “Photographer of the Year.”