"Queen Of Bees" © Chryseis Patterson

2015 Award-Winning Professional Photographers of East Tennessee Annual Competition Images

The official 2015 Professional Photographers of East Tennessee Annual Image Salon Competition award-winning images, award-winning photographers, and awards are published below.

The quality of the images were incredible and the Knoxville area’s best photographers submitted entries to the competition. The competition was judged by three nationally-recognized master photographers with extensive and quality competition judging experience and education.

Without further ado, the awards:

Best in Show: Overall

"Queen Of Bees" © Chryseis Patterson

“Queen Of Bees” © Chryseis Patterson

Best in Show: Commercial

"From the Heart, Home Baked" © Colby McLemore

“From the Heart, Home Baked” © Colby McLemore

Best in Show: Portraits

"Worried Life Blues" © Gena Tussey

“Worried Life Blues” © Gena Tussey

Best in Show: Animals

"Low Tide" © Tyson Smith

“Low Tide” © Tyson Smith

Best in Show: Electronic Imaging

"Great Grandpa As A Boy" © Alisa Whitley

“Great Grandpa As A Boy” © Alisa Whitley

Best in Show: Groups

"Grease Monkeys" © Stephanie Richer

“Grease Monkeys” © Stephanie Richer

Best in Show: Illustrative

"And Miles To Go Before I Sleep" © Eddie Foley

“And Miles To Go Before I Sleep” © Eddie Foley

Best in Show: Sports

"UFO" © Tyson Smith

“UFO” © Tyson Smith

First Place: Abstract

"Fire and Ice" © Alisa Whitley

“Fire and Ice” © Alisa Whitley

First Place: Architectural

"Never Leave Home" © Colby McLemore

“Never Leave Home” © Colby McLemore

First Place: Male Portrait

"Gettin' Into It" © Alisa Whitley

“Gettin’ Into It” © Alisa Whitley

First Place: Child Portrait

"As Sweet As It Gets" © Elena Ganusova

“As Sweet As It Gets” © Elena Ganusova

First Place: Pictorial

"Foggy Morning" © Tyson Smith

“Foggy Morning” © Tyson Smith

First Place: Editorial

"Holding to the Word" © Michael Broyles

“Holding to the Word” © Michael Broyles

First Place: Female Portrait

"Cultured" © Gena Tussey

“Cultured” © Gena Tussey

First Place: Wildlife

"Mirrored Flight" © Eddie Foley

“Mirrored Flight” © Eddie Foley

First Place: Electronic Imaging

"Glass Negative Renewal" © Kathy Smith

“Glass Negative Renewal” © Kathy Smith

First Place: Sports

"Bond, James Bond" © John Kernodle

“Bond, James Bond” © John Kernodle

First Place: Photojournalism

"Turning For Home" © Eddie Foley

“Turning For Home” © Eddie Foley

First Place: Industrial

"A Bit Close" © Michael Broyles

“A Bit Close” © Michael Broyles

Distinguished: Groups

"The Quality Hour" © Ben K. Moser

“The Quality Hour” © Ben K. Moser

Distinguished: Electronic Imaging

"United We Stand" © J. Wade Tipton

“United We Stand” © J. Wade Tipton

Distinguished: Architectural

"Up The Down Staircase" © Brenda Foley

“Up The Down Staircase” © Brenda Foley

Distinguished: Editorial

"Highland Manor Inn Celebration" © Kathy Smith

“Highland Manor Inn Celebration” © Kathy Smith

Distinguished: Pets

"Ruff Work Day" © Gena Tussey

“Ruff Work Day” © Gena Tussey

Distinguished: Pictorial

"Built by Pillsbury" © Gena Tussey

“Built by Pillsbury” © Gena Tussey

Distinguished: Wildlife

"Yukon Gull Scout" © Brenda Foley

“Yukon Gull Scout” © Brenda Foley

Distinguished: Wedding

"Fairytale" © Ben K. Moser

“Fairytale” © Ben K. Moser

Distinguished: Child Portrait

"A Captured Spin" © Michael Broyles

“A Captured Spin” © Michael Broyles

Distinguished: Male Portrait

"Still Fast At 72" © John Kernodle

“Still Fast At 72” © John Kernodle

Distinguished: Bridal Portrait

"My Faith Is In The Cross" © J. Wade Tipton

“My Faith Is In The Cross” © J. Wade Tipton

Distinguished: Female Portrait

"Visualizing" © Michael Broyles

“Visualizing” © Michael Broyles

Distinguished: Abstract

"Evergreen Static" © Brenda Foley

“Evergreen Static” © Brenda Foley

Distinguished: Wildlife

"Soaring With Snowflakes" © Eddie Foley

“Soaring With Snowflakes” © Eddie Foley

Distinguished: Photojournalism

"Guns in the Ground" © Emily Deaton

“Guns in the Ground” © Emily Deaton