2012 Award Winning Professional Photographers of East Tennessee Images at Annual Salon

This year’s East Tennessee’s Professional Photographers image competition winners are below.  The quality of the images were incredible and many of the area’s best photographers participated.  All three judges were master photographers meaning that they have won alot of photography competitions and have taken extensive classes on judging.  This year we were blessed two nationally certified judges due to Carla Hoskins hard work and one state certified judge.  They were very generous with their feedback on how to improve the quality of the photos even more.  Below is a list of the winners.

BEST IN SHOW OVERALL  – Colby McLemore, Knoxville Commercial Architecture Photographer

ALBUMS BEST OF SHOW – J. Wade Tipton, Knoxville Album Photographer


COMMERCIAL BEST OF SHOW – Colby McLemore, Knoxville Commercial Photographer


PORTRAIT BEST OF SHOW – J. Wade Tipton, Knoxville Portrait Photographer

SPORTS BEST IN SHOW – J. Wade Tipton, Knoxville Sports Photographer

WEDDING BEST OF SHOW – Ambler Brown, Lenior City Wedding Photographer

1st Place Groups, Couples – Michael Broyles, Farragut Group Photographer

1st Place Illustrative, Abstract – Noelle Bell, Knoxville Illustrative Abstract Photographer

1st Place Portrait, Child – Patti Googe

1st Place Portrait, Female – Patti Googe

1st Place Portrait, Male – Colby McLemore, Knoxville Portrait Photographer

1st Place Sports – Ambler Brown, Lenior City Sports Photographer

1st Place Wedding, Bridal – Noelle Bell, Knoxville Wedding Photographer

1st Place Wedding, Event – Patti Googe

Distinguished Animal, Wildlife – Eddie Foley

Distinguished Commercial, Industrial – Colby McLemore, Knoxville Commercial Photographer

Distinguished Groups, Couples – Noelle Bell, Knoxville Group Photographer

Distinguished Illustrative Pictorial – Ambler Brown – Lenoir City Illustrative Photographer

Distinguished Portrait, Child – J. Wade Tipton, Knoxville Child Photographer

Distinguished Portrait, Female – Noelle Bell, Knoxville Portrait Photographer

Distinguished Portrait, Male – Ambler Brown, Lenior City Portrait Photographer

Distinguished Sports – Colby McLemore, Knoxville Sports Photographer

Distinguished Wedding, Event – Patti Googe

Congratulations Everyone, we hope to see your professional photos here next year!

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