This is a group membership and a standard membership type for all multi-employee professional photography studios within PPETN. Active Professional Studio Memberships include individual memberships for a single (1) Principal Studio Photographer (owner/operator) and up to three (3) Additional Studio Photographers.


  1. Professional Friendships, Networking, & Support System
  2. Annual Pass for Standard Live Class & Hands-on Workshop Events (example topics below)
    • Studio Management
    • Sales Techniques
    • Pricing Guidance
    • Lighting Skills
    • Posing Techniques
    • Post-Production
    • Workflow
  3. Discounted Premium Live Class & Hands-on Workshop Events
  4. Complimentary Bonus & Social Events Access
  5. Referral Opportunities
  6. Member Perks & Savings (10-50% + Freebies)
  7. Mentorship Program Access
  8. Online Member Community & Forum Access
  9. Skill & Portfolio Development
  10. Professional Image Competition Opportunities (Monthly & Annual)
  11. Win Awards in Professional Competitions (Monthly & Annual)
  12. Online Publicity for Award-Winning Images
  13. Eligible to win East Tennessee “Photographer of the Year”
  14. Laughlin Photography Scholarship Opportunity
  15. Find A Photographer Directory Listing
  16. Online Marketing Benefits (Backlinks & SEO)
  17. Leadership Opportunities
  18. Creative & Business Inspiration
  19. Certified Professional Photographer Support & Preparation
  20. PPA Merit-earning Opportunities
  21. Professional Accountability & Encouragement
  22. Easy Membership Management
  23. Future Benefits Development
  24. And much, much more…


  • The Principal Studio Photographer of an Active Professional Studio Membership has all rights and privileges of membership including holding office and voting.
  • The Principal Studio Photographer is highly recommended to also be a member in good standing with the Professional Photographers of America, Inc. (PPA). The Additional Studio Photographers are encouraged to also be members in good standing with PPA. If a PPETN Member is also a PPA Member, they are required to supply their PPA membership number.
  • The Additional Studio Photographers of an Active Professional Studio Membership:
    • Do not have voting rights nor can they hold office in PPETN.
    • May enter submissions to the Laughlin Print Photography Competition (monthly) or PPETN Annual Image Salon Competition, but may not vote in the competition.
    • Are non-transferable during the current term of membership.
    • Have all other rights and privileges of membership not specifically prohibited here.


Employees of firms or corporations must provide a statement of employment from the employer on official letterhead.

Your annual membership will auto-renew and you can cancel anytime before your membership renews.

Click to read PPETN’s Code of Ethics.

Any member failing to remit their dues by their membership dues due date shall be deemed “Not in good standing.” Failure to remit dues after one month shall be considered cause for cancellation of membership.