Benefits of Membership


PPETN provides members opportunities to advance their photography education through seminars, workshops, senior members, and organization resources.

  • Seminars: PPETN Pro Photo Seminars feature respected guest speakers on a variety of topics designed to help members advance and refine their knowledge of the art and business of professional photography.
  • Workshops: PPETN Pro Photo Workshops are hands-on educational opportunities designed with a “show-and-do” approach to learning and implementing new skills immediately. Often, these workshops are scheduled in tandem with a seminar to achieve the greatest developmental impact.
  • Senior Members: PPETN’s senior members have lots of wisdom and experience in professional photography in this area, and they embrace sharing knowledge with others. While revealing competitive advantages is not expected, they can be a valuable resource for anyone wanting to grow in the profession.
  • Organization Resources: PPETN is always looking to develop and provide additional educational benefits, like discounts on educational resources and education-related door prizes, when possible.


PPETN encourages members to support each other and develop professional relationships with each other, which often spark personal relationships too.

There is no replacement for having truly trustworthy professionals in your circle that can help support you—whether that support takes the form of giving advice, giving time, helping complete a job when an emergency arises, or another form of need. The members of PPETN provide a great opportunity for that support, as well as potentially gaining referral work, second-shooter work, assistant work, and more.

In addition, most of our members enjoy socializing—so you may wind up making new friends and spending time together outside of PPETN events.

Members-Only Discussion Group

If two heads are better than one, then many more heads must be even better, right? PPETN provides the opportunity for group discussions amongst its members on a Members-Only Discussion Group on Facebook. This private forum is an exclusive benefit of membership for current PPETN members to share questions, thoughts, images for critique, relevant news or announcements, needs, ask for advice, etc. This is an extremely valuable tool for members who choose to taken advantage of it.

Easy Membership Management

PPETN wants to make being a member easy, so managing your membership isn’t a hassle. As such, PPETN members have an easy to complete online application for new and renewing members, as well as an online membership dues payment system that you don’t have to touch once you’ve paid your first dues. Need to change your membership details? We are working to make that easier too.


Every month, PPETN organizes events to support, promote, and advance the profession of photography in East Tennessee, including seminars, workshops, safaris, socials, and more.

PPETN events are designed to benefit all levels of pro photographers. They include:

  • Seminars by industry leaders and nationally-recognized speakers
  • Workshops to practice and develop new skills, techniques, or styles (often in correlation with topics covered in seminars)
  • Socials to build professional and personal relationships and networks
  • Competitions and awards ceremonies
  • Photo Safaris
  • …and more!


PPETN’s Professional Photographer Directory provides additional exposure to members, and membership enhances credibility and publicity opportunities.

Beyond listing our members for the public to browse online, there are additional marketing benefits to PPETN membership:

  • Search Engine Optimization from linking to member websites on the directory and published images
  • Press Release opportunities from awards and other recognition
  • Featured member award-winning images in PPETN’s platforms
  • Marketing PPETN membership to clients for credibility
  • PPETN’s participation in local trade shows
  • Future promotional and publicity opportunities as developed
  • …and much more!

Laughlin Scholarship

Each year, PPETN awards a scholarship to a deserving member so they may pursue additional photography education to separate themselves from their competition.

This is a great opportunity for any pro photographer, young or old, to have their expenses paid for continuing their photography education and growing the quality of professional services provided in our region.


All PPETN competition winners receive publicity through the publication and linking of images through our website, and safari images are often published as well.

When published, PPETN encourages members to share and promote their publication as much as possible, as it’s no small feat to win a competition or have your work featured.

Future Development

PPETN’s leaders are always looking for new ways to improve and develop the association to better serve its members, its sponsors, and the community of East Tennessee. As such, members can look forward to new benefits and features that make membership even more valuable than it is today.

Photography Competitions

Each year, the Professional Photographers of East Tennessee (PPETN) recognizes the best photographers in the region by providing many opportunities for professionals to compete against their peers and showcase their talent in the art of photography. Many awards are given out over the course of a year, and many photographers are recognized for their excellent work.

The first competition, the Annual Image Salon Photography Competition, is one that members submit their best images from the past year for professional judging in an attempt to earn merits, recognition, and the coveted “Best in Show” awards.

The Annual Image Salon Photography Competition’s ultimate goal is to determine the best images of the year in East Tennessee. It is highly competitive and often, the images entered in the competition represent the best work of each photographer.

The Laughlin Print Photography Competitions allow members to submit 8″x10″ prints for judging by their peers in an attempt to earn “Photographer of the Month” (1st Place), 2nd Place, and 3rd Place. This competition is held on a monthly basis (in a select few months, this competition is not held due to event circumstances), and the entry fee for each print goes to funding PPETN’s Laughlin Photography Scholarship.

The Laughlin Print Photography Competition’s ultimate goal is to determine the best overall photographer of the year in East Tennessee. It requires a large body of consistently excellent work and the endorsement of that work by one’s professional peers.

Members-Only Discounts

One of the goals of PPETN’s new Sponsorship program is to seek trustworthy, quality pro photo vendors who will offer discounts to members to help our members grow their business and reward client-vendor loyalty. PPETN already has a few members-only discounts available, and more will be added in the future as the Sponsorship program is developed.

Photographer of the Year

Simply put, if you want the distinction of being named the best photographer in East Tennessee, you have to be a member. Many other awards and recognition are available to members as well as the prestigious title of being the Pro’s Choice “East Tennessee Photographer of the Year,” so don’t miss out on these benefits and opportunities of membership with PPETN.


PPETN supports the development of member portfolios through workshops, safaris, senior member mentoring, and our competitions.

  • Workshops: The technical and professional development that occurs during PPETN Workshops contributes to a stronger body of work.
  • Photo Safaris: Capturing fresh images using new techniques and styles on a PPETN Photo Safari enhances the variety and quality of member portfolios.
  • Senior Member Mentoring: While informal, PPETN’s more seasoned members are regularly willing to give advice, critique images, and generally help interested members develop and refine their portfolios.