East Tennessee’s Annual Professional Photography Competition

How To Submit Your Entry

You must submit your entry and upload your images immediately after submitting your payment, so don’t delay after you’ve paid your entry fee.

Instructions: When you click the button below, you will be directed to PrintCompetition.com, where you will need to create a new account. Once you create a new account, you should click PPETN’s logo on your profile dashboard page (visible when the competition is open). You will then answer the questions and follow the instructions listed to “Create A New Image Entry”.

Please note: You will be required to pay a $7 annual membership fee to PrintCompetition.com to enter.

By submitting images to this competition, you verify that you have read all competition requirements and that the images you are submitting meet EVERY SPECIFICATION of the competition requirements (we recommend double-checking every requirement—especially image file and metadata requirements). You understand that if the images you submit do not meet EVERY competition requirement, they will be ineligible for submission and will be disqualified prior to the competition.

Award-Winning Image Publication

All Annual Image Salon Photography Competition award-winning images will be published on PPETN’s website after the Awards Ceremony.