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It’s that time of year again for us to renew membership with PPETN. New members, as well as current members, will need to fill in the membership application. Please mail the application to Jerry Godolphin. His address is listed on the application. Membership must be active to participate in the February Salon comeptition.

Here are some of the things we offer PPETN members!

Benefits of Membership:

  • Monthly Seminars: Up to ten speakers from across the country discuss new trends, techniques, and marketing topics throughout the year. These seminars are included as part of your annual membership.
  • Print Competition Support: We hold seminars and workshops to help prepare images for entering into PPA competition. Every February, we have a board of PPA judges come to review and score prints in our Salon Competition. If you enter prints into competition, this is the perfect opportunity to hear judges opinions before submitting the prints to PPA.
  • Backup Photographers: Members are available to assist in case of illness or emergency, ensuring your clients receive professional coverage.
  • Camaraderie with other professionals, keeping the enthusiasm and fire alive in your own work.
  • Competition: We hold a monthly 8×10 portrait competition. Winners of each competition are tabulated to name our Photographer of the Year based on each photographer’s own work. Members strive each month to do better, which helps to keep improving on your work throughout the year.
  • Michael Laughlin Scholarship:A scholarship is awarded each year to go towards continuing photographic education. One PPETN member will have up to $500 towards the photography class of their choice.

Annual dues are $75.00.

PPETN Membership Application


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