Rescheduled to March 6th – "Harness Your Business and Change Your Life" by Jeffrey Shaw

Harness Your Business and Change Your Life

by Jeffrey Shaw

This meeting will be at a new location:  Calhoun’s at 4550 City Park Drive, Lenoir City, TN 37772 (click here for a Google Map).  Their number is 865.988.9838.  Click here for their website.

Also, there will be no monthly print competition this meeting.

Are you ready to translate your creative skills as a photographer into a fulfilling and thriving business that makes you lots of money while feeling good serving others? Prosperity and Purpose is for photographers who want to improve their businesses and desire personal growth and development. If you are not seeing the results you want, business feels overwhelming and things that once worked no longer do, this program will be of great service to you.

Key session topics:

  • Make decisions from your vision not your circumstances to create a business you really want
  • Embrace the changing marketplace to grow your business instead of fighting it
  • Establish a brand identity that attracts and serves your ideal client
  • Review a pricing method that focuses on how your clients think and act that is proven to work
  • Learn a sales philosophy that focuses on service and eliminates fear
  • Align who you are with who you’re meant to serve for a business that is growing and has purpose

Participants will leave with ideas they can immediately apply to grow their business. Jeffrey’s high-energy interactive style inspires and motivates people to look at their photography business from a very different lens.

After a recent presentation a PPA chairperson had this to say –

“His approach is unique and refreshing – different from any I had ever experienced!  Jeff’s presentation on tailoring your marketing to get the clients you want appealed to everyone in the room – from the budding young professionals to the over 30 year veterans. I one of the over 30 year veterans found that he made me really search my soul for what our studio wanted and needed to make us more successful and fulfilled He was so engaging and informative, that the program left us wanting more!”

Sincerely yours,

 Barbara Bovat, Cr. Photog., PPSNYS Section chairman, PPA Imaging USA 2012 Convention Committee Chairman

Jeffrey is an on-location family portrait photographer, business coach and speaker that travels nationwide meeting his clients and working with fellow photographers. He is based in Manhattan. His portraits have appeared on The Oprah Show, in “O” magazine, People Magazine, CBS news, and most recently the cover of New York Family Magazine.

Never one to follow a well-worn path, Jeff has built a meaningful life on instinct rather than rules and vision instead of circumstances.

During the height of Jeff’s career he hired a business coach to help him manage the many issues that come with a fast growing business- the rewards and the struggles. It was a period of deep soul searching and business expansion. It seemed like a make or break moment. Through this work there were many aha moments and one stood out – why he became photographer. His purpose.

Jeffrey is the youngest of three boys and during his youth there is only one known photograph capturing his entire childhood; literally no history that offers a photographic memory of time or place. This is the power of portrait photography. So half way through his career and with this new realization he would cement his purpose – to make sure that his clients were as responsible as they could be documenting their family’s treasured moments.

This aspiration profoundly increased his commitment to his clients and resulted in stronger relationships, a business that directly supported his life’s purpose and an uncommon level of success.

 Jeff’s personal experience with coaching over a decade ago and how it changed his life lead him to become a trained business life coach specifically for fellow photographers. He has committed to providing educational forums for photographers who want to improve their businesses and desire personal growth.

Meeting Cost (excluding food):

  • PPETN Members: Free
  • Non-Members: $20.00 (first visit is free)
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