Jan. 12 – Painting Your Own Custom Backgrounds, By-law Change Vote, & Monthly Print Competition

Painting Your Own Custom Backgrounds Hands On Workshop

As a professional portrait photographer, you want to Unleash Your Creativity and Learn How to Save Money by Painting Your Own Custom Backgrounds – Back by Popular Demand!  Come join us for an exciting “kick off” to our 2012 PPETN meeting schedule with our Painted Background Workshop!  Have you ever had clients to ask-“What kind of backgrounds do you have?”  Or, have you ever had a session that you needed something color specific, but didn’t have the time or money to order one of the large painted canvases or even computer printed backdrops for your session in time?  Well, now here’s a creative and inexpensive solution-learn how to paint your OWN Custom Backgrounds with PPETN!  Yes,we will show you how!

We hosted Kristen Seale and Trisha Simmons, sisters from Holladays Photography, back in the summer of 2011, and many of you couldn’t make the workshop, but were really intrigued about learning how to make your own custom backgrounds.  So, we decided that our first meeting should be something FUN and that would be creative, interactive, and something that could make you some money, all at the same time!  We will have some drops, paint and brushes, or you can bring some of your own!  Wear something that you won’t mind getting a little paint on, and come join us!

We will meeting Thursday evening, Jan. 12th for dinner at 5:30 at Season’s Cafe for those interested in joining us, just RSVP on our Facebook Page, or call Carla Hoskins (423)566-3663 to reserve a seat.

The mini-workshop will meet later that evening at 7:00 pm at Michael Broyles Studio (Broyles Photography-12748 Kingston Pike, Suite D106 in Farragut (865)777-5683) at 7:00PM.  

At this workshop, you will learn how to unleash your creative side and be a true ARTIST with learning how to express your signature style with your “own” custom-made backgrounds!  You will learn several tips and tricks to painting on canvas or muslin, plus, we will have some stencils to add that added customized touch featuring some of the latest trends in backgrounds today!  You don’t have to be an artist to learn these money saving tips!

The backgrounds will be auctioned off at the end of the workshop, so you could pick up a new background for half the price of the ones in the vendor catalogs and be shooting with it the next day!  See you there!

Proposed By-Laws Change will be Voted On

At the Jan. 12th meeting mentioned below, the proposed By-Laws change will be voted on by all attending 2012 paid members who have voting rights.
1. Professional Active Member: $75 per year. Individual membership, basic membership category of PPETN. Professional Active members must be employed full time in a photographic capacity by a firm or corporation or operate a business with the primary purpose of assignment photography. Professional Active Members owning their own business must furnish a copy of their current business license (when applicable) and sales tax certificate. Employees of firms and corporations must provide a statement of employment. Professional Active Members must be a member in good standing with Professional Photographers of America, Inc. (PPA) and supply their PPA membership number. Professional Active Members have all rights and privileges of membership including holding office and voting.
1. Professional Active Member: $75 per year for individual basic membership category of PPETN. Professional Active members must be employed full time in a photographic capacity by a firm or corporation or operate a business with the primary purpose of assignment photography. Professional Active Members owning their own business must furnish a copy of their current business license and sales tax certificate. Employees of firms and corporations must provide a statement of employment. Professional Active Members area recommends being members Professional Photographers of America, Inc. (PPA) and Tennessee Professional Photographers Association, (TPPA). Professional Active Members have all rights and privileges of membership including holding office and voting.

Monthly 8×10 Competition

The monthly 8×10 competition is starting off this month! Our “Photographer of the Year” is awarded bases on your monthly print votes, and this is the time to start working towards it! So make sure to bring your prints in for submitting. You might be this year’s “Photographer of the Year’!

PPETN members may bring 8×10 prints to the competition each month. The cost is $3 per print. Please remember to bring a CD or thumbdrive of your submitted images (600 pixels on the largest side). Points towards our annual “Photographer of the Year” will be awarded once we receive digital versions for submitting on our blog.

Meeting Cost (excluding food):

  • PPETN Members: Free
  • Non-Members: $20.00 (first visit is free)
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  1. Carla Hoskins
    Carla Hoskins says:

    Hope everyone enjoyed the Painted Background Workshop. If you attended the workshop and did not get the instructions, please e-mail me and I can send you a file. Thanks everyone for making our first meeting of 2012 a HUGE success!


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