Feb. 16th – "Embracing the Digital Revolution" by John Childress & print competition

Embracing The Digital Revolution – Serving Today’s Digital Savvy Customer

by John Childress

We buy image to share our life with others and now it the digital age sharing has become even easier. How do pro photographer fit into this new digital world. Everyone carries a camera with them everywhere but, they still love to have beautiful well light image to share as well, ART. Photographers in this new age are no longer print provides rather content provider. The good new is content is king and consumption is happening faster and faster. The need for new fresh content is only getting larger not fading away! Learn how to use this new tech and not fear it.
What we will cover.
  1. Digital Work Flow from RAW to Sale and digital deployment
  2. Photographers are Providers of Custom Content and why this is important.
  3. Use the new tech to build buzz for your studio and keep your customer coming back more often.
  4. A look at the not so distant digital future and WHY PRO PHOTOGRAPHY WILL PLAY A LARGE PART, NOT FADE AWAY!

 I can’t wait to show you all the way tech can breath new life into your studio’s.
Check out John’s websites at photosrock.us or senioryearrocks.com.
We will be meeting at Calhoun’s on Bearden Hill at 6515 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919 at 6:00 P.M. gathering, fellowship & Dutch dinner. 8×10 print competition starts at 6:30 P.M. Programs 7:00 – 9:00 P.M.

Monthly 8×10 Competition

The monthly 8×10 competition is starting off this month! Our “Photographer of the Year” is awarded bases on your monthly print votes, and this is the time to start working towards it! So make sure to bring your prints in for submitting. You might be this year’s “Photographer of the Year’!

PPETN members may bring 8×10 prints to the competition each month. The cost is $3 per print. Please remember to bring a CD or thumb drive of your submitted images (600 pixels on the largest side). Points towards our annual “Photographer of the Year” will be awarded once we receive digital versions for submitting on our blog.  Any winning images will be posed on the website with back links to your website.  This will help with your SEO (search engine optimization)!

Meeting Cost (excluding food):

  • PPETN Members: Free
  • Non-Members: $20.00 (first visit is free)
5 replies
  1. Carla Hoskins
    Carla Hoskins says:

    Sounds like a great program and topics that I feel will be beneficial to all of us! I am always surprised how much I learn at each workshop. John Childress should be a real treat for us! I am really looking forward to his program at our new meeting place-Calhoun’s Rest. on Bearden Hill!

  2. Professional Photographers of East Tennessee
    Professional Photographers of East Tennessee says:

    There is also the chance that he might be available to hang out before the presentation. If that works out, we’ll keep everyone posted.

  3. J. Wade Tipton
    J. Wade Tipton says:

    hey Colby! Unfortunately / fortunately I will be in Missouri that week photographing assignments and I will not be in attendance. Sure wish I could be there, but the $$ are calling me as the bills keep on coming!


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