"Looking to a Fading Past" © Michael Broyles

2014 Award-Winning Professional Photographers of East Tennessee Annual Competition Images

The official 2014 Professional Photographers of East Tennessee Annual Image Salon Competition award-winning images, award-winning photographers, and awards are published below.

The quality of the images were incredible and the Knoxville area’s best photographers submitted entries to the competition. The competition was judged by three nationally-recognized master photographers with extensive and quality competition judging experience and education.

Without further ado, the awards:

Best in Show: Overall

"Looking to a Fading Past" © Michael Broyles

“Looking to a Fading Past” © Michael Broyles

Best in Show: Illustrative

"Morning Bells" © Patti Googe

“Morning Bells” © Patti Googe

Best in Show: Wedding

"Belle" © Genna Sellers

“Belle” © Genna Sellers

Best in Show: Electronic Imaging

"Football, Muscle and Sweat" © J. Wade Tipton

“Football, Muscle and Sweat” © J. Wade Tipton

Best in Show: Portraits

"Dramatic Flair" © Noelle Bell

“Dramatic Flair” © Noelle Bell

Best in Show: Commercial

"The Glass Ceiling" © Genna Sellers

“The Glass Ceiling” © Genna Sellers

Best in Show: Animals

"Pampered Pup" © Carla Hoskins

“Pampered Pup” © Carla Hoskins

First Place: Architectural

"Splendid Ceiling" © Ben K. Moser

“Splendid Ceiling” © Ben K. Moser

First Place: Male Portrait

"The Original Hipster" © Alisa Whitley

“The Original Hipster” © Alisa Whitley

First Place: Pictorial

"Purple Mountain Majesty" © Colby McLemore

“Purple Mountain Majesty” © Colby McLemore

First Place: Editorial

"Overindulgent Undertow" © Sheila Hannus

“Overindulgent Undertow” © Sheila Hannus

First Place: Electronic Imaging

"Attractive Gremlin" © J. Wade Tipton

“Attractive Gremlin” © J. Wade Tipton

First Place: Pets

"Golden Girl" © Noelle Bell

“Golden Girl” © Noelle Bell

First Place: Abstract

"Artillery Gone Awry" © Adam Heimerman

“Artillery Gone Awry” © Adam Heimerman

First Place: Wildlife

"Snowy Owl At Beach" © Eddie Foley

“Snowy Owl At Beach” © Eddie Foley

First Place: Photojournalism

"Mush!" © Eddie Foley

“Mush!” © Eddie Foley

First Place: Child Portrait

"Tutu Cute" © Carla Hoskins

“Tutu Cute” © Carla Hoskins

Distinguished: Couples

"Bliss" © Ben K. Moser

“Bliss” © Ben K. Moser

Distinguished: Electronic Imaging

"There's A Band Playing In My Head" © Alisa Whitley

“There’s A Band Playing In My Head” © Alisa Whitley

Distinguished: Male Portrait

"Tall, Dark and...Bald" © Colby McLemore

“Tall, Dark and…Bald” © Colby McLemore

Distinguished: Electronic Imaging

"The Journey Home" © Alisa Whitley

“The Journey Home” © Alisa Whitley

Distinguished: Industrial

"Documenting Artifacts" © Adam Heimerman

“Documenting Artifacts” © Adam Heimerman

Distinguished: Pictorial

"Burning the Mist Away" © Colby McLemore

“Burning the Mist Away” © Colby McLemore

Distinguished: Wildlife

"Who Blinks First" © Eddie Foley

“Who Blinks First” © Eddie Foley

Distinguished: Child Portrait

"Welcome to our World" © Michael Broyles

“Welcome to our World” © Michael Broyles

Distinguished: Pictorial

"Winter's Flight" © Rachel Towers Brooks

“Winter’s Flight” © Rachel Towers Brooks

Distinguished: Female Portrait

"Reflecting Upon A Spell" © Michael Broyles

“Reflecting Upon A Spell” © Michael Broyles

Distinguished: Wedding Event

"Behind Every Man" © Genna Sellers

“Behind Every Man” © Genna Sellers

Distinguished: Male Portrait

"Our Guardian Angel" © Colby McLemore

“Our Guardian Angel” © Colby McLemore

Distinguished: Child Portrait

"Baby Steps" © Eddie Foley

“Baby Steps” © Eddie Foley

Distinguished: Female Portrait

"Not So Sweet 16" © Nicole Webber

“Not So Sweet 16” © Nicole Webber

Distinguished: Pets

"Morning Runway" © Elena Ganusova

“Morning Runway” © Elena Ganusova

Distinguished: Abstract

"Autumn Swirl" © Elena Ganusova

“Autumn Swirl” © Elena Ganusova

Distinguished: Photojournalism

"Hope" © Noelle Bell

“Hope” © Noelle Bell

Distinguished: Photojournalism

"Joy In Serving" © Noelle Bell

“Joy In Serving” © Noelle Bell

Distinguished: Bridal

"A Moment To Reflect" © Carla Hoskins

“A Moment To Reflect” © Carla Hoskins

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