PPETN Membership Benefits

PPETN’s Official Sponsorship program seeks trustworthy, quality pro photo vendors who will support the advancement of professional photography in East Tennessee. Official Sponsors allow for PPETN to provide greater access to quality educational opportunities for East Tennessee-area professional photographers and reward local pro photographers who are making the effort to advance their skills, talents, and techniques.

By using PPETN’s Official Sponsors for vendor needs, PPETN members will receive quality, trusted services you and your clients will appreciate. PPETN Official Sponsors also provide fundraiser auction donations, door prizes, and swag from which PPETN members will undoubtedly benefit (if you’re savvy enough to take advantage of them)!

One of the benefits our Official Sponsors provide to PPETN members is discounts or bonuses to help our members grow their business and reward client-vendor loyalty. Below, you will find the exclusive PPETN Member Discounts available to you.

2017 PPETN Official Sponsors
  • Alien Skin Software (Creative Digital Photography Apps & Plugins; Sponsor since 2017)
  • Animoto (Create Professional Video Slideshows; Sponsor since 2017)
  • Fundy Designer (Album Design & In-Person Sales Software; Sponsor since 2016)
  • Hunt’s Photo & Video (Complete Product & Equipment Retailer; Sponsor since 2017)
  • Richmond Professional Lab (Pro Lab Solutions—More Than Just Photofinishing; Sponsor since 2017)
  • Shootproof (Galleries & Sales Tools for Photographers; Sponsor since 2016)
  • SmugMug (Photo Sharing & Photo Websites; Sponsor since 2017)
  • WHCC (Full Service Professional Photographic & Press Printing Lab; Sponsor since 2017)

Hunt’s Photo & Video

Sponsor since 2017

What’s The Discount?
15% off any MagMod Flash Modifier product
15% off any Savage Background Paper
15% off any Promaster Backdrops
10% off any Lastolite Product
Promos expire soon.
Hunt’s might be able to offer other specials exclusive to your students and workshop attendees. For any Tamron Lens deal or Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Sony, Panasonic and Fuji bundle deals or any other photography equipment specials please contact Brian Maryansky at bmaryansky@huntsphoto.com or call him at 781-662-8822 and he will make sure we’ll give you very competitive price.
How To Get The Discount

Click the links above or contact Brian for details.

About Hunt’s Photo & Video

They make sure every customer feels comfortable with his or her purchase and is confident in its use. Whether you are a student, hobbyist, enthusiast or professional, Hunt’s staff will help you choose the right equipment for your needs.

Features in brief: Photo & Video Imaging Products and Equipment.

Alien Skin Software

Sponsor since 2017

What’s The Discount?

15% off (valid until end of April, 2018)

How To Get The Discount

Use the code PPET17 at checkout.

About Alien Skin Software

Alien Skin Software offers creative digital photography apps and plugins.

Features in brief: Software for advanced creative photo editing, enlargements, natural media effects, and graphic design.


Sponsor since 2017

What’s The Discount?

15% off

How To Get The Discount

Use the code PPAETPro15 at checkout.

About Animoto

Animoto offers an online software that allows you to semi-automatically create professional video slideshows.

Features in brief: Marketing videos for business, slideshow videos for photography, and more.

Fundy Designer

Sponsor since 2016

What’s The Discount?

25% off

How To Get The Discount

Use the code FUNWORK at checkout.

About Fundy Designer

Fundy Designer offers advanced album design and in-person sales software.

Features in brief: Design, sell, proof and print all in one application.

Richmond Professional Lab

Sponsor since 2017

What’s The Discount?

25% off one order per year

How To Get The Discount

Contact karen@
richmondprolab.com for discount.

About Richmond Professional Lab

Richmond Pro Lab offers a variety of pro lab solutions—more than just photofinishing.

Features in brief: High quality products and services, fast and reliable in-lab turnaround times, great customer service and technical support, and more.


Sponsor since 2016

What’s The Discount?

25% off new plans & upgrades

How To Get The Discount

Use the code PPETN25 when purchasing your ShootProof membership (contact support@shootproof.com for upgrades).

About ShootProof

ShootProof offers stunning galleries and sales tools for your business.

Features in brief: Online galleries, proofing, sales, invoicing, print fulfillment, mobile apps, and more.


Sponsor since 2017

What’s The Discount?

20% off

How To Get The Discount

Use the code PPET20JM at checkout.

About SmugMug

SmugMug offers photo websites and photo sharing solutions.

Features in brief: Completely customizable photo website, sales tools, online storage, and more.

White House Custom Colour

Sponsor since 2017

What’s The Bonus?

Complimentary Marketing Resources: WHCC Inspiration Guides

The Inspiration Guide comes in client- and pro-versions, and is a great sales tool designed to help pro photographers sell more, inspire your clients, and grow your business. There are 4 editions:

How To Get The Bonus

For printed WHCC Client Inspiration Guides, request a specific copy from the Vice President or Communications Officer prior to the next PPETN event and, as available, one will be provided. Digital versions of the Pro Inspiration Guides can be accessed by clicking one of the editions listed above.

About WHCC

White House Custom Colour is a full service professional photographic and press printing lab.

Features in brief: Prints, cards, wall displays, albums, packaging products, and more.