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Applying for PPETN membership requires a simple 2-step process:

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PPETN Membership Application (Step 2 of 2)

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All memberships are automatically renewed at the end of your 12-month term. You may terminate your membership with PPETN (through PayPal) at any time, but no refunds will be given for the current term.

PPETN Active Membership Types
Primary Member Name

1.  Professional Active Member: $75 per year. Individual membership, basic membership category of PPETN. Professional Active members must be employed full time in a photographic capacity by a firm or corporation or operate a business with the primary purpose of assignment photography. Professional Active Members have all rights and privileges of membership including holding office and voting.

2.  Studio Membership: $125 per year. Studio membership is one fee for a multi-employee studio for up to four persons listed on the application. Each person listed must be engaged in a photographic or support capacity by a business with the primary purpose of assignment photography. Studio Members have all rights and privileges of membership including holding office and voting.

3.  Aspiring Photographer: $40 per year. An individual preparing for a career in photography or a new “entry level” professional (in photography related business under two year). This membership category does not have voting rights nor can they hold office in PPETN. They may enter prints in the monthly 8×10 or annual salon competitions, but may not vote. This category is for two years and is offered one time only.

4 & 5.  Student or Educator: $25 a year. Any student or instructor pursuing photography or in the field of photography that is currently enrolled or teaching.  These members do not have voting rights, nor can hold office, nor enter monthly print competitions for Photographer of the Year.